Brake Service near Monticello LA

Brake Service near Monticello LA

Brakes are a major factor in the performance, safety, and long-term reliability of your car. As a car owner it’s important to ensure your brakes are staying in good health as you rack up the miles. So how can you do that? Well one option is to book brake service near Monticello, LA, using our helpful online scheduling tool.

The facilities we have in place at Jaguar Baton Rouge allow us to quickly get folks back onto the road. So come by in person or reach out to our staff with brake questions!

How Long Does Brake Service Take?

Changing BrakesBrake service is a general term which can be applied to many hardworking parts in the overall brakes such as the rotors, pistons, calipers, or pads. So the length of time your car will be in the shop for brake service can vary.

Our specific facility has been designed to create as efficient an experience as possible. Certain brake services may take less than an hour, for example. Other brake services may take a handful of hours. Once our team has inspected your model we’ll be able to give you a more concrete timeline.



How Long Do Brakes Last?

Brake RepairBrakes, just like other parts of your car such as the motor oil, will begin to wear down over time. The pads and rotors will grow thin and less effective as you keep racking up the miles. For pads, you can typically expect 30,000 to 40,000 miles of usage. The rotors can often last over 50,000 miles.

The type of driving you do each day and week will factor into their longevity. If you drive aggressively and often attempt to slow down from high speeds, your brakes may wear more rapidly than a tamer driver’s would. The same goes for trucks or SUVs which endure a lot of heavy towing.

Basically, the harder you push your brakes, the quicker the pads and rotors will begin to fade. So it’s good to come through annually and have your brakes inspected.

Signs You Need Brake Service

BrakesYou’ll be able to quickly notice when your brakes begin to fade. The most obvious tell will be a longer stopping distance before your vehicle comes to a complete halt.

You might also hear unusual noises as your brakes attempt to slow the vehicle. If you brake and find your steering wheel pulling to the right or left, it could mean your pads or rotors have worn unevenly.

Finally, the brake pedal should always feel responsive. If it’s sluggish and requires you to floor-it before it engages the brakes, a brake service is needed.

Receive Routine Brake Service nearby Monticello, LA

Brake service is as vital to your cars well-being as any other service. So if you find your brakes are acting wonky or you simply haven’t had them inspected in years, stop by Jaguar Baton Rouge. Our service center is always happy to deliver exacting brake service for drivers nearby Monticello, LA.



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