Sell or Trade Your Car near Hammond LA

Lady Receiving Keys SnippedWhat are your top options when you’re looking to move on from your current car? For most folks, the decision comes down to selling it or trading it in. If you sell, you can receive a strong value but aren’t setting yourself up for a new model. If you trade it, however, you can place the value of your current vehicle directly towards the purchase of a new car.

Whether you’re thinking of selling or trading your car near Hammond, LA, you can always turn to our Jaguar Baton Rouge dealership!

Selling Your Car

Leasing 1If you want a clean split from your current car and aren’t worried about lining up a new model, selling is the way to go. We’re always looking to add to our used inventory, so we’d be happy to make a strong offer for your vehicle.

Selling is typically the preferred choice for retired individuals looking to downsize or folks moving to a new area where they no longer need a car. Factors that will play a role in the value of your used car includes the make, the model, the mileage, and the condition.

If you’ve taken good care of your car over the years, that’s what’s important. Routine service, a clean vehicle history report—these types of things will help you receive peak value for your model.

Trading in Your Car

The trade-in process is the obvious choice for anyone seeking a new model. A trade-in is quite similar to selling your car. The same factors, such as condition and mileage, apply to the value, yet it sets you up for your next vehicle.

Couple Online ShoppingSo, how does the trade-in process work? You can get started right now, if you want. First, use our online trade-in calculator. This handy tool gives you an idea of what your current car’s trade-in value is. All that’s required is basic information, such as the model, the model year, the mileage, and the condition.

Once you’ve got a trade-in value, you can browse through our online inventory and see which models grab your attention. At this point, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much the value of your trade-in will save you as you work to secure a new car.

You can reach out to our staff at any point, too. The last steps in the trade-in process involve bringing your model to our dealership and letting our team take a quick look at it. Once the inspection process is completed, we’ll work with you to create a finance plan for whichever new car you’ve had your sights set on!

Near Hammond, LA? Why Not Sell or Trade Your Car With us?

Both selling and trading your car can help return a fair value for the model. The choice really comes down to what you want to do next. If you need or want a new car, consider the trade-in route. If you don’t need a new ride, then selling makes sense.

Either way, our Jaguar Baton Rouge team is here to lend a hand to all drivers near Hammond, Louisiana. Contact us today for more information!

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