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The exhilarating performance of Jaguar models is an obvious draw for those throughout Baton Rouge and Monticello.

To maintain that performance over the long haul, your Jaguar will require some routine care whether it be an oil change or tire rotation. The service center at Jaguar of Baton Rouge can deliver efficient and effective care that caters specifically to your model’s needs.

Among the many resources we have available is at parts center, where we can quickly replace any piece your Jaguar might require. Also, booking your visit is as simple as utilizing our scheduling tool!

Routine Care

There’s a list of services that your vehicle will need at different mileage intervals. All of these procedures can be accomplished at our center. To help you know exactly when your Jaguar model requires an oil change or battery replacement, we have maintenance scheduling guides you can use for reference.

For example, oil changes should occur roughly every 5,000 miles. However, if you’ve gone for a Jaguar model that places it’s greatest emphasis on performance, such as the Jaguar F-TYPE, you may want more regular oil changes to ensure the engine is performing at its peak capacity.

Also, we want you to be prepped for any needs that may come up. A new set of tires is a terrific example, as maintaining proper grip on the road during storms is a crucial part of both performance and safety!

Tailoring Service to Your Specific Jaguar

High-end performance qualities are seen throughout the Jaguar lineup, yet that doesn’t mean the service for each Jaguar is exactly the same.

Part of what our certified technicians do is identify the needs of your specific Jaguar. They’ll combine these needs with your own personal preferences for how you want your vehicle to behave.

So, if you have something like the ultra-sporty Jaguar F-TYPE, we’ll do all we can to ensure the acceleration, top-end speed, and precise handling stays intact.

Part of the approach is speaking with you, giving you an idea of what to expect from the model as it tacks on miles, and highlighting a couple of at-home tips, which will help you get the most performance from your vehicle.

As you’ll see when we start to discuss our parts center, we also have tires, brake pads, spark plugs, and all the various parts your specific Jaguar F-TYPE would need, right down to the model year and trim level.

Jaguar as a brand has been making real headway in the electric field, too. So, if you’re looking for service on your Jaguar I-PACE, we can lend a helping hand. While folks are often surprised to see this SUV accelerate with such gusto, it’s the electric range which is of most importance.

Maintaining this range over time is one aspect of service we place a high priority on. As soon as electric Jaguar models started flooding the streets, we improved our facility to provide the specific care these unique models require!

The list goes on from there, with our service shop able to care for the Jaguar E-PACE, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, and any other model in the British automakers lineup.

Parts Center & Collision Center

Routine care will help your Jaguar run with proper ferocity. Sometimes, though, you need a specific service, such as a part replacement or some exterior work completed. Our service center provides resources for both of these instances, as well.

The parts center comes in handy because we have a well-stocked inventory of Jaguar-specific parts. No matter your model year, trim level, or part you require, we’ll likely have it available. If we don’t, we’ll order it through the expansive Jaguar network, and when it arrives, we’ll install it ourselves.

As for the collision center, it’s a smart play if you found a chip in your window, an unsightly scratch on the side of the car, or you merely want to paint and buffer the body. With expert technicians and the latest technology, we’ll have your Jaguar looking spiffy in no time!

Jaguar EliteCare

One of the ways our Jaguar dealership works to ensure any model you receive from us stays running at its peak for a long time is with Jaguar EliteCare. The package can accompany any Jaguar and features a wealth of benefits, resources, and warranties.

For instance, a 5-year/60,000-mile coverage warranty is issued. So, you can move about the local streets, or even cross over state boundaries with the reassurance your Jaguar is taken care of. If a specific service needs pops up during this period, you know you’re covered.

Another benefit of Jaguar EliteCare is the complimentary scheduled maintenance. Before you drive off the lot with your Jaguar, we’ll lay out the service plan for your model as you approach 10,000 miles, 25,000 miles, and other important mileage intervals.

To provide the most efficiency possible, we’ll have our Jaguar-approved parts ready and waiting for you when you come by.

Finally, with a little help from the Jaguar InControl® interface, you can take advantage of our complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance program.

Whether it be running over a nail and popping your tire or running out of gas, all you need to do is contact assistance from any location in the United States, and help will arrive in prompt fashion!

Online Tools & Discounts

Value is always one of our priorities, which is why we have a rotating list of discounts. At any point, you may save on an oil change, tire rotation, a new battery, and much more.

Also, to lock in your appointment, you can either give us a call or look for the best time on our scheduling tool!

Stop by Our Service Center Today!

Your Jaguar model deserves pristine service, so it can continue running at peak performance around the communities of Baton Rouge and Monticello.

So, whether you need a routine oil change or something more specific, come by the Jaguar of Baton Rouge Service Center!


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