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If your transmission is beginning to act strangely, finding transmission repair near Lafayette, LA, is a good idea. Addressing the transmission repair proactively will give you the chance to stay ahead of any malfunction. Our Jaguar Baton Rouge Service Center team can be of assistance, as we have all the tools and know-how to repair any transmission.
If you want to speak with one of our experts about the repair process, simply reach out to us. You can also book your visit to our shop online if you’re ready to stop by!

Identifying What Your Transmission Requires

The first, and maybe most important, part of transmission repair is inspecting the transmission to determine which type of repair or replacement is required. Our team can handle any needs your transmission may have, yet it all starts with the inspection to determine the ideal course of action.

So, if you bring your model to us, we’ll happily look it over and let you know what should be done. If you want to reach out early and let us know the type of malfunctions your transmission has displayed, we may be able to give you a better idea of the plan ahead.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Repair

How can you tell if your transmission needs to be repaired? There are a few giveaways that suggest the transmission isn’t working to its fullest potential.

For a manual transmission, you can likely feel a difference in the shifter as you slide between gears. Maybe it’s a new sound you don’t normally hear or a grinding sensation when you move into a certain gear.

For automatic transmissions, a repair is often needed if your car begins behaving in odd ways. For example, if you floor the pedal in an effort to accelerate but your transmission doesn’t change gears, this is cause for a repair. On the flip side, if you’re just driving around casually, maintaining your speed, and your car keeps slipping between gears, this is also a sign that the transmission should be inspected by a professional.

There are, of course, other signs suggesting your model needs to visit the shop because the automatic transmission is wavering. If you see a downtick in fuel economy or if you hear any odd noises as you’re driving, these could both indicate a worn transmission.

One of the easiest ways to stay ahead of transmission repairs is to book routine inspections for your vehicle—once or twice a year—at a local service shop.

Schedule Transmission Repair near Lafayette, LA

Your transmission is a vital element to the overall performance of your vehicle. So, what can you do if your car needs transmission repair? Our Jaguar Baton Rouge service team can certainly lend a hand. Reach out to us or simply book your visit online before coming around to see us!

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